Lamentations 3:22-23:
(Seriously, Lamentations?)

The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases, his mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

I have apprehension whenever I flip the calendar from January to February. For the longest time, I didn’t really know why.

I thought perhaps it’s because both our daughter and son have their birthdays in January. Moving into February always brings an end to that time of our personal family celebrations after the Christmas season. But that’s not it.

I thought perhaps it’s those first 21 years of my life being raised in a northern winter climate. December was Christmas snow. January was the joy of the winter wonderland. But February brought the dreaded bitter cold and no overgrown, four legged rodent up north EVER predicts a quick spring. But that’s not it.

Then it finally dawned on me a few years back. I struggle in February because it’s the so-called LOVE month. You know, all that “Valentines Day” stuff.

As a kid growing up without a Dad for a season of life, I was vulnerable. I felt like this world just wasn’t my world. My middle school had a Pre-Valentines Day tradition that unintentionally magnified my lostness.

Under the guise of a school fundraiser, carnations were sold. You anonymously bought carnations for others. You could buy white ones, or blue ones, (or the most notable) red ones. Once purchased, the little cardboard cutout white, blue, or red carnations were hung in the main hallway for everyone to see. Written on each carnation was the name of who they were purchased for – but no where – is the name of who bought them.

As you can guess, some names appeared on the board as grand clusters of carnations while other’s were “onesy twosy” deals. The rest were just happy to get on the board. By the time Valentine’s Day rolled around, the entire hallway was a cluster of hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of named carnations.

I bought several for some girls I knew over the years. But my name never appeared on the board. Not once. I tried not to look – but I looked. When you’re vulnerable, it’s easy to feel the weight of silence.

The truth is THAT’S WHY I twitch when I see February appear. It reminds me of a past season of lamentation during the LOVE month. Even though that season was almost 50 years ago now, I still remember.

There are a lot of people feeling vulnerable right now. I sense our overall feeling of weariness is pervasive. I feel it at our four way stops. I feel it in grocery store lines. Do you feel it too? Being kind (let alone loving) seems out of vogue.

Perhaps you could use a little good news? I think locally we are firmly riding the downhill side of this latest covid peak. I think locally there are warmer temperatures in front of us as February unfolds. But that’s not the best news.

The best news is the pursuing love of God has your name written on God’s red carnation. The steadfast love of the LORD for you never ceases! Not ever. No way. No how. Your name is written in God’s heart.

So perhaps February is a good month after all? Lord knows we all need a little extra love right now. So Happy “God’s Steadfast Love for You” Day! That’s my wish for you every day of every week of every month – especially February!

Just remember Who bought your name – and smile!
In the heart of the One who paid the price, “you” are worth that price.
You are that precious. You are that beloved.
Thanks be to the Source of that STEADFAST LOVE that is new everyday.

C’mon God! Let’s do this “love month” together!
You keep bathing me in it.
I’ll keep giving it to others.
It’s that simple.

Join me.