The Heart of the Matter

1 Timothy 3:16

Without any doubt, the mystery of our religion is great:
He was revealed in flesh, vindicated in spirit, seen by angels, proclaimed among Gentiles, believed in throughout the world, taken up in glory.

Have you looked closely outside lately? Things are changing. Do you remember what the trees looked like just a month ago? No color. No growth. No movement. Cold and lifeless.

Look again.

New life is now bursting forth. Green is reappearing. Growth is reaching out from every branch. The wind is already catching the buds and tiny leaves causing the branches to dance in perfect harmony. Renewed life is stretching upward and outward towards the sunlight. A lot more has changed than just the spring-like background on the HULU streaming screen. Spring has sprung!

I see the same thing happening at Peachtree City UMC.

We are seeing more and more people worshipping with us. We are meeting crowds of people from all walks of life who come together to prepare over 1000 meals for hungry people. We are sending teams of people for 7 consecutive days to the Bashor Homeless Men’s shelter in downtown Atlanta. We are sending a group of people to the United Methodist Mission Work Camp in Red Bird, Kentucky for a week of light build, hands on ministry. We are entering the later stages of the confirmation journey that began in “lifeless” January. Spiritual invigoration is happening through Small Groups and Sunday School classes. Our Lenten sermon series and studies continue to guide and prepare us. Baptisms are happening. New members are committing. There is renewed life, and vigor, and growth. It is good.

I love the way Spring reminds me of the mystery of our faith. It looked pretty bleak before Jesus came. It looked pretty bleak when he was arrested. It looked pretty bleak at the cross. It looked pretty bleak when the tomb was sealed. And then God GLORIFIED it all. New life sprung forth. Resurrection!!!

The Church lives! The earthly Body of Christ lives! Jesus lives! We live!

Paul got it right. Our faith proclaims a great mystery: God in flesh, the movement of the Holy Spirit, the witness and proclamation of the Church, the faith of believers, and the Glory of God in it all.

That is the heart of the matter.

God’s Joy,