Paul begins to wrap up his letter to the Christians in Corinth this way:

1st Corinthians 16:5-8:

I will visit you after passing through Macedonia—for I intend to pass through Macedonia—and perhaps I will stay with you or even spend the winter, so that you may send me on my way, wherever I go. I do not want to see you now just in passing, for I hope to spend some time with you, if the Lord permits. But I will stay in Ephesus until Pentecost, for a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.

Paul just refuses to sit still. He goes everywhere. “Go” seems to be in his nature.

The word “go” is a common word in our Scriptures. It appears over 1400 times; sometimes as part of a command for others to “go”, sometimes as part of telling others where the writer will “go”, sometimes as an admonition refusing to let people “go.” Try as you might, the word go always implies action. It’s a word that refuses to sit still no matter how much we try to hold it down.

There is a window into Paul’s heart at the end of each of his letters. He usually ends a letter with “what’s next.” He is always going somewhere. So much of Paul’s DNA is embodied in the word “go.” It seems the only times he stayed put was when he was creating new ministry or when he was in jail. It took bars or shackles to keep him from going. He was the earliest version of the energizer bunny – he just kept “going and going.” Paul embodied “go.”

The church of Jesus Christ should embody the same spirit of “GO.” I am excited at our next sermon series based on the word “GO.” Pastor Sean will lead us into the first week of this series this coming Sunday, January 23rd. I sense this will be an amazing sermon series that comes along side us at just the right time in just the right way. Tell your friends and your neighbors about this one!

It may feel like winter on the outside but I sense there is a profound collective warmth on the inside of our church ready to GO. Come add your warmth to the wind blown flame of the Holy Spirit as we prepare to GO together.

Our invitation is simple. Come GO with us!

Who goes? Where do we go? What do we do when we go? Wow, those are really good questions! Come seek the answers with us January 23rd through February 6th as we strive to glorify God through our actions.