Tables of Gratitude and Blessing

Luke 24:30 NRSV

30When he was at the table with them, he took bread, blessed and broke it, and gave it to them.

In honor of our Lord, we are going to transform something from our tradition into something new. We have had a tradition of a Thanksgiving Dinner in the history of our church the week before Thanksgiving Week. This year, we are going to gather around the Tables for a special meal of “Gratitude and Blessing.”

If you have volunteered in our church in any capacity over the years, this meal is for you. We are grateful for your service. The meal is free. YOU are invited as our special guests for the evening. And if you benefited from the service of a volunteer in our church, you are also invited. The meal is free. Yes, everyone is invited and the meal is free to all who come. But we are coming grateful for all that our volunteers have done to make this church “go.” We want to say thank you! It is in that spirit that we will gather together around the tables.

Our hospitality team will be coordinating a multi-soup & bread meal that will be served in our Traditional Worship Center on Wednesday, November 17th – gathering begins at 6 pm. We will sit around tables set up inside the Traditional Worship Center as in years past. All we ask is that you let us know if you are coming so we can plan a place for you.

Here is something new. The host of this meal is Jesus Christ. Rather than serve Holy Communion on Sunday morning in November, God will be serving Holy Communion as part of this meal in this intimate setting as we come together around a Table of Gratitude and Blessing. Jesus will meet us at the Tables.

As in the past, we are also including a mission component as part of this meal. We have verified that our local “Meals on Wheels” program still seeks partners to donate pet food. That helps the recipients of “Meals on Wheels” to not give the food “they” should eat to their beloved pets. Also, our partners at Real Life Center and Fayette County Samaritans will appreciate any canned goods. We are inviting you to bring one or both as you come to this meal.

Come be with us! Come be with the Lord! Come be grateful! Come be blessed! Come and bless others through our ministry partners! You are invited. I hope to meet you at Jesus’ Table on November 17th.

God’s Joy,