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Raising Up World Changers

We believe in discipleship that is developed to last far beyond graduation. The ministry has a system developed that cultivates students who reach out to their neighbors and connect them with Jesus. We use inspiring worship environments, strategic relationships in small groups, transformational retreat opportunities and consistent places to serve. Through their middle school years we seek to affirm their identity in Christ through ownership over their own faith and to value a faith community. During their high school years we hope to mobilize their potential to keep pursuing authentic faith and to discover their personal mission.

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Student Ministries

An environment designed to be a contextualized worship service for 6th-12th graders where they connect with each other, connect with God and our leaders. This environment is designed to help students get connected and plugged into our long-term discipleship process.

We Grow

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For Parents

Students need two important nouns so they can anchor their lives to something solid. They need a person and they need a place (Joiner, 2014). Small groups are our way of providing a consistent gathering of a few for the purpose of growing in their relationship with God and each other. Our small group leaders are the ones who choose to invest in a few to encourage authentic faith. We shape student’s faith by connecting them to an adult who will be present in their life. Early on we realized that the true span of care for 1 adult is 5 students and this made the need for small groups and dedicated small group leaders even more important. Small group leaders are the key to our process of long-term discipleship.

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