Lessons on Neighboring from Guatemala

I was recently in Guatemala City for an international conference hosted by one of our mission partners, Centro Christiana Cultural de Guatemala (CCCG). It was great to learn how we’ve been able to help support what the church is doing in Guatemala and the surrounding areas. What was even more exciting than that was to hear how much of an influence CCCG has had on Guatemala.

The pastor, David Alvarez, shared with us some of the history of the church. One day, when he was looking for an area to plant his church, he came into a neighborhood that was known for high gang activity. While there, he noticed countless numbers of children who also lived there. So he decided that their first mission would be to come feed those children breakfast and share the gospel with them. That was just the beginning.

Over thirty years later, CCCG has reached out to over 30 of the poorest villages in Guatemala and helped them get things like clean water, electricity and medical care. They’re even responsible for Guatemala having a national fire department. Through the church, mission partners come in every year to train their EMTs and first responders.

Through one man deciding that he was going to be there for his neighbors, an entire country is better off. I think we could definitely learn a thing or two from those who have hearts for others like our friends at CCCG.