We Love KiDS

We demonstrate love to your child through a long-term discipleship plan that nurtures kids to reach out to their neighbors and connect them with Jesus. This process is done in conjunction with our church strategy:

  • Worship

Provide authentic worship experiences that are kid targeted

  • Grow

Teach the Bible creatively and in relevant ways for children today

  • Serve

Involve children and families in church events, serve projects and encourage them to represent Jesus in their world.

  • Connect

Promote relationships among KiDS and families




We incite wonder to help kids embrace a God who is bigger than their imagination.

We EMBRACE KiDS so they:

Know God’s Love | Meet God’s Family

During Sunday time with us, preschoolers get a first impression of their loving Heavenly Father. This keeps it simple and fun, repeating one basic truth about God all month long. Through FUN Groups, age-appropriate worship, play and more, we incite wonder for God in their hearts. Embracing their physical needs helps them to feel safe.

God's Love For Newborns

Did you know - a parent has 936 weeks between a kid’s birth and graduation? We don’t want to miss what’s happening during each critical Phase growing up

For Parents

During their time with us, kids will  be served Goldfish/water in the rooms of ages 2-PreK. If a kid is in need of a snack, and there is not one provided by the parent for the 1-2 year old room, Goldfish/water may be given. Parents are welcome to provide an alternative peanut-free snack for their kid, if specifically needed. Please include all necessary items to feed in their bag. Let us know when it is feeding time and any special instructions.

Parents are responsible for alerting leaders and the staff of any allergies and dietary concerns/changes. If there is a special snack for the group, an allergy sign will be posted on the door.

K-5 may have special snacks on various occasions. When this occurs, there will be a sign at the door for parents to note. Parents are responsible for alerting leaders and the staff of any allergies and dietary concerns/changes.

KiDS Ministry FAQ’s

Newborn Family Care Team/Baptism

The Newborn Ministry seeks to provide support to those expecting a child either by birth or through adoption. Our mission is to greet new babies/families by providing support and prayer during this joyous and exciting time.