Affirming and Mobilizing the Next Generation
May 19th at 6pm

It's time to celebrate!

Parents, you know all too well, that when you see how much time you have left, you tend to do more with the time you have now. We want to take a moment and celebrate these graduates as they move from this phase into the next adventure. Click below to register and for more details!

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Student Ministries

We believe in discipleship that lasts beyond graduation. The ministry has a system developed that cultivates students who reach out to their neighbors and connect them with Jesus. We use inspiring worship environments, strategic relationships in small groups, transformational retreat opportunities and consistent places to serve. 
Student ministry focuses on small groups that develop relationships among teens to allow them to go through life together. Small Groups create a safe space for students to work out their faith in community with one another and adults who equip them. Small groups are determined by gender and age.


608 is our main platform for student worship. It takes place on Sunday nights at, you guessed it, at 6:08. It consists of up front games to loosen up the crowd and have fun, inspiring worship sets, and a biblically based, age-appropriate talk. We strive to keep Jesus the center of every discussion and aim to be a safe place where any student is welcome regardless of what chapter of life they’re in.
We believe that teens aren’t just the future of the church but an integral part of it right now. We teach that we are to be Christ’s witnesses locally, regionally, and internationally. Which means that we try to equip them to be able to go out into their own every-day mission fields. Whether that be at school, on a sports team, or creating relationships in other countries.

Age Groups

Student Ministry works with Middle School Students (6TH-8TH Grades) and High School Students (9TH-12TH Grades) through worship, small groups and service. Through their middle school years we seek to affirm their identity in Christ through ownership over their own faith and to value a faith community. During their high school years we hope to mobilize their potential to keep pursuing authentic faith and to discover their personal mission.

Middle School

6th - 8th Grades
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High School

9th - 12th Grades

For Parents

We exist as a student ministry to help equip their main spiritual influencers, YOU. As of birth, you've got around 936 weeks before high school graduation. By the time they hit 6th grade, you've only got around 364 weeks left. We want to help you count the time you have left so that you can make your time count. In an average week, the church has on average 1 hour to influence a student.  You, as the parents, get about 40 hours each week. We want to equip you. We regularly send out emails detailing what we're talking about on Sunday nights. We also have curated the Parent Cue App with information on ways that you can help influence your student's life.

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