A Monumental Moment!

I personally want to speak to all our High School Graduates. We appropriately lifted you up as part of our worship celebration this last Sunday. I personally believe we can’t shout your accolades enough right now. You bring us joy. You have completed a significant milestone in your life and our ENTIRE FAITH COMMUNITY celebrates with you! You represent for us our hope for the future to come. You represent for us the next generation. You represent for us the past, the present, and the future rolled into one. Simply put, you are us.

As a church family, we shout with you – even if it is from a distance right now. Our prayers will go with you wherever your adventure of life may take you next. Why the heartfelt connection? There are many reasons. One reason is that you are baptized Christians. You are not just our daughters and sons. You are also our Christian sisters and brothers. I know that sounds a little weird to you – but it is your identity in the household of God. Forgive us for not speaking of it as often as we should. Each of you walks in a promise. It is the covenant promise of your baptisms. Christian communities (including this one) have stood beside you as God has formed you – so yes, this is a very special moment for all of us!

In your baptisms, you were incorporated (adopted) into the global community of faith and nurture. Everyone present at your baptism participated in the Baptismal Covenant to nurture you in the Christian faith – your family, your pastors, and the entire staff team and congregation. As you take your next step to move out into the world, you never leave the Christian Covenant Community because YOU ARE the Christian community – it is wherever you are in the world.

All of this means that in no small way, WE ARE ALL part of the VERY PROUD FAMILY that acknowledges this huge moment in your lives. Your accomplishment is also our shared accomplishment. As you move into the next part of your lives, always remember your GOD-GIVEN identity literally given to you gracefully at your baptisms. Remember, who you are and whose you are.

We are shouting shouts of acclamation for you in our homes. At the same time, we are shouting shouts of acclamation glorifying God as you take the next step into God’s world claiming the fullness of your God-given identity. Go joyfully. Go boldly. Go rooted in the Community of the KING.

Jesus is in your heart. We are witnesses to this miracle. Go make the world a better place because of the eternal relationship you have with the One who created you, the One who redeemed you, the One who continues to transform you. Seek your Heavenly Shepherd’s Voice often. He will lead you through the unknowns. He will guide you beside still waters.

Where you find brokenness in the world – fix it.
Where you find hurt in the world – mend it.
Where you find evil in the world – fight it.

Forgive as one forgiven.
Love as one who is beloved.
Seek God in all things.

My sisters and my brothers in Christ, we are LOUDLY cheering you on!

Your brother in Christ,