Picture this: it’s the 18th century in England, a time of powdered wigs and candlelit streets. John Wesley, a thoughtful young man, is on a quest for spiritual understanding.

In case you don’t know, John Wesley was a founding figure of the Methodist movement. It’s a movement focused on personal spiritual growth and loving your neighbor in practical ways. But before he became an influential leader, he had his own journey of discovery. It all started with a pivotal moment known as the Aldersgate experience.

It was May 24, 1738, and John Wesley found himself at a small gathering in Aldersgate Ward, London. He was feeling discouraged and unsure about his faith. But as he listened to someone reading from the preface of Martin Luther’s commentary on the book of Romans, something remarkable happened.

As he listened intently, Wesley felt his heart “strangely warmed.” It was as if a light had been switched on inside him. Suddenly and surprisingly, he felt a deep assurance of God’s love and forgiveness. This experience was so profound that it transformed Wesley’s understanding of faith and grace. It set him on a new path of spiritual awakening.

For Wesley, it was like finding the missing piece of a puzzle. It gave him clarity and conviction in his faith like never before. It fueled his passion to share the message of God’s love and grace with others, leading to the spread of Methodism across the globe.

But here’s the thing: the Aldersgate experience isn’t only about John Wesley. It’s a reminder that moments of revelation and insight can happen to anyone, at any time. It’s about being open to the possibility of transformation, even when things seem uncertain.

So, remember the story of John Wesley and his Aldersgate experience. Be open to those moments that warm your heart and illuminate your path. You might discover something amazing along the way.


P.S. – Want to read Wesley’s own words? Check it out here in his journal: https://www.ccel.org/ccel/wesley/journal.vi.ii.xvi.html