It’s not too much of a stretch to say that we’ve been working toward October 26th since 2023 began.  From the Art of Neighboring to Unreasonable Neighboring, we doubled down on Jesus’s commandment to love our neighbors.  We’re committed to the notion that Jesus was referring to our actual neighbors – the people who live next to us and who live right here in Peachtree City.  We made a plan to invest in Booth Middle School and created maps that show how close many of our members live to one another. We even sent gifts home with you specifically for your neighbors! We’ve spent A LOT of time talking about our neighbors this year.

Alas, no amount of talk – and this comes from someone who really loves talking- can take the place of getting into action.  That’s what October 26th should be for our church.  It should be the day that we show up together in order to love our neighbors in ways that just might change lives. I know it won’t sound like that kind of opportunity at first, but that night we will host the most diverse group of people – economic, racial and faith- that we will ever see on our campus at one time throughout the year.  They will come from right around the corner and down the road a bit; they’ll come because it’s free and it’s for the whole family; they’ll come because sometimes parents are desperate and looking for anything that might bring a little fun into a difficult time for their families; they’ll come for a hundred other reasons.  Regardless of the reason, parents, grandparents and children will come to our home on October 26th and we have a chance to live the Greatest Commandment.

Fall Fest isn’t a Kids Ministry event, nor is it a young family event.  Fall Fest is a PTCUMC event!  It is our church’s chance to show up for our neighbors and love them beyond reason! That’s why WE NEED YOU. This has always been a great event, which is why so many people come each year.  We can’t wait to build on the foundation that has already been laid, and add to it in ways that unexpectedly and powerfully reveal God’s love.  

That’s why the bare minimum of volunteers just won’t cut it.  We need more than ‘just enough!’  We want so many volunteers at Fall Fest this year that every time a guest turns around, they are greeted by someone from PTCUMC who is ready and eager to make sure they know beyond doubt that they are wanted and welcomed.  We’ve been thinking, dreaming and planning for months about how we can make this event a truly neighbor-oriented experience, and we’re excited about the possibilities.  I believe it’s going to be special not only for our neighbors, but for our volunteers as well.  Will you be one of the 101 volunteers we need to help PTCUMC move from talk to action?  Will you be there to be love personified?  Will you be there to see the impact we can make on a young child looking for love or a grandparent looking for help?  I sure hope so, and I can’t wait to see you there!