Angie Faulise

Angie Faulise | Leadership Board Chair

Angie is a retired Air Force pilot, married to Joe, and raising two daughters, Ariel and Jackie. She came to PTCUMC in 2006 when the family moved to Peachtree City following her retirement, and has been involved in many ministries within the church, beginning with preschool Sunday school teacher (she has been with the same group of kids who are now 8th graders for whom she is their small group leader). Angie has been involved in several of our missions, including service at the Central Night Shelter in Atlanta and sponsoring two beautiful children at Bishop Judith Craig Children’s Village. She loves long-term Bible study, both taking and facilitating. And Angie has served on several church committees, including Weekday Ministries, Finance, and Chair of the Staff Parish Relations committee.