Psalm 37
23 Our steps are made firm by the LORD,
when he delights in our way;
24 though we stumble, we shall not fall headlong,
for the LORD holds us by the hand.

We are halfway through our sermon series entitled, “Everybody-Where Everybody Knows Your Name” I am thankful for the response that has already begun to happen. But I want to encourage others not plugged into a small group to consider this unique invitation to join a grow group. I know it’s not easy doing an additional new thing. And yet that is exactly what we are inviting many of you to do.

To learn more details of what is unique about a grow group, contact Allison Kickham at or Pastor Shannon at They will be happy to answer any questions.

I know how it goes. But we do church “this way already!” We have done church “this way” for a long time and we really don’t need to add any additional “new way” of doing church. I wonder if Jesus ever heard those words as He created His small group in the midst of “established church” 2000 years ago?

There’s another question I want you to truly take time to ponder. What did you learn about your personal faith journey during the pandemic? I learned that I need repeated, intimate contact with other Christians; otherwise, I just struggle. That time of separation we endured last year truly opened my heart up to seeing things in a new way. How about you?

I personally believe we are in a very unique, “once in a hundred years” place right now. While the memory of that time of isolation is still fresh in our hearts and minds, I believe now is the time to prioritize a renewed small group initiative. I believe we have the greatest opportunity to reinvigorate small groups within our church right now.

But what will it take? First, it will take the Holy Spirit. Second, it will take willing spirits – spirits willing to “risk” doing an additional new thing AND spirits willing to graciously make space for an additional new thing in their midst.

It seems a little scary. There are questions that seem to always rise up as barriers. What am I getting into here? What’s different about this? Will they like who I am? Will I like who they are? Will I have time to do this? What if they discover I don’t know as much about faith as they think I do? What if they see who I really am? Will they REALLY be willing to learn my name – in the Biblical sense?

Yes, it seems risky. Just remember who’s holding your hand (see Scripture above.)

Isn’t the risk worth never – ever – being alone again?

God’s Courage,