Jennie and Jonathan Swatts

Please help us welcome Jennie and Jonathan along with their children Micah(6), Lillie(9), Katie(5) and Eden (11) joined our faith community on August 1st. They transferred membership from Lake Charles FUMC in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Nick and Monica Todd

Please welcome Nick and Monica Todd who joined our church on July 11 by transferring their membership from Front Street UMC in Burlington, NC. They have two children Maci (13) and Cole (19). Maci will be going through confirmation with us in 2022.

Dawn Fowler

awn Fowler joined our church on June 27 by way of transfer from Newnan First Baptist Church. She is already an active member of the Friendship Sunday School class. Help us welcome her to our church community!

Rufus and Mary Bross

Rufus and Mary Bross recently moved back to Peachtree City after many years of living in Florida. They were previously members of PTCUMC and are excited to return to their church home and re-join on June 6, 2021!

Alice Rogers

We are excited to welcome Alice Rogers! Alice transferred her membership on May 30 from a church in upstate New York. She goes by the name “Pinky” and recently moved to Peachtree City to be near her son and his family.

James and Courtney Howell

James and Courtney Howell joined our church on May 2, 2021. They transferred their membership from Park Avenue UMC in Valdosta, Georgia. James is a worship leader with our 11:00 Worship Team. They have two daughters Lottie and Quinn.

Chuck and Gena Smith

Gena and Chuck Smith joined on April 25, 2021.They transferred their membership from Midway Hills Christian Church in Dallas, Tx. Their daughter Harper was baptized and confirmed with her confirmation class on the same day.

Confirmation 2021

We are excited to welcome this year’s Confirmation Class to our church community! Crista Alarcon, Adam Campbell, Luke DellaTorre, Sara-Ann Goodwin, Rebecca Hill, Ella Hinkle, Camy Horton, Dori Karafanda, Jackson Kavanaugh, Jack Lynch, Kate Lynch, Kellie Nalin, Harper Smith, and Madi Stoots.

Blake and Melanie Staten

Blake and Melanie Staten along with their daughter (Chandler) and son (Charlie) joined our church on April 18, 2021. They transferred from East Minster Presbyterian Church in Stone Mountain, Georgia. 

Alec Hawthorne and Hannah Still

Alec Hawthorne and Hannah Still joined our church on April 18, 2021. Alec is the son of Pat and Bill Hawthorne. He transferred his membership from North Fayette UMC. Alec also plays in our worship orchestra. Hannah transferred from Southcrest Church in Newnan, Georgia. Alec and Hannah are engaged to be married in December at PTCUMC.