Justin and Keiylene Strickland

On September 17th at our 11:00 worship service we excitedly welcomes Justin and Keiylene Strickland along with their two children Elliot and Noah. It was such a beautiful morning to welcome this family and we hope you will join us! We can’t wait to walk alongside them as we go out into our neighborhoods and connect our neighbors with the …

Mary Jean Turner

We are so excited to welcome Mary Jean Turner on Sunday, September 18.

Chris and Megan Blackburn

On August 27th, 2023 Megan and Chris Blackburn along with their kids Elijah, Penelope, Conrad and Dansby joined our community of faith. The Blackburn’s are connected through Groups and Kids. We can’t wait to see the continued ways that God uses each of them to reach our to their neighbors and connect them with the hope of Jesus.

Ryan and Lisa Thiffault

On July 16, 2023 Ryan and Lisa along with their daughters Charlotte and Madelyn joined our faith community. This family is already deeply connected in a group and plays a role in many of major events at the church. We hope you will take the time to welcome them and get to know their story!

Chad and Joanna House

Chad and Joanna House along with their children Wesley, Duke and Hunter joined our community of faith on June 18th. We are so excited to welcome this family and we hope you will join us! We are anticipating the incredible ways that this family is going to impact their neighborhood with the hope of the Gospel.

Al & Sue Kunig

Al and Sue Kunig joined our congregation on June 12th through a transfer of membership. It’s a joy to welcome them into our community of faith where they have already begun building community in groups and sharing their gifts through serving. We hope you will help us welcome Al and Sue as they join us in connecting our neighbors to …

Jerry and Dianna Bevil

On April 30, 2023 we welcome Jerry and Dianna Bevil into our faith community through transfer of membership from another denomination. We hope you will join us in welcoming this family as they connect with our community so that we can go out into our neighborhoods with the hope of the Gospel.

Confirmation Class 2023

On April 23rd we celebrated this year’s group of Confirmation students as they stood before our congregation and professed their faith in Jesus and took ownership over their faith. Join us as we encourage, equip and walk along this group of students. Brice Hall, Caitlin McFall, Cayden McFall, Collier Kavanaugh, Eden Swatts, Ella Wyler, Isabella Fayler, Jillian Moore, Julianne Beddingfield, …

Matthew and Linda Luczynski

On April 16, 2023 Matthew and Linda along with their children Madison, Morgan and Charlotte joined our faith community through a transfer of membership. We are so excited for this family to join us as we reach out to our neighbors and connect them with the hope of the Gospel.

Randy & Gina Brescher

On March 5th we welcomed Randy and Gina Brescher, along with sons Austin and Andrew, into our faith community. As they join our church family and faithfully give their time, prayers, presence, gifts and witness we hope you’ll join them as we all share the hope of the Gospel with our neighbors. Help us welcome the Brescher family!