Contact tracing: where do your thoughts come from?

Our thoughts may be our own but that doesn’t mean they happen in a bubble. We are influenced by more than we know. With the 5,000 ads we see each day and with each person we connect with virtually and in person, we have a lot of images, ideas, and noise coming at us. We may not want all of that noise to affect us but it does.

When we start down a thought trail and end up elated, angry, or depressed, is it because of the noise or because of actual events and interactions? Where can we trace that thought from? 

Perhaps a thought isn’t true but by chasing down the trail we make it become real – even if it is only in our head.

Stop chasing thoughts that don’t align with who you want to be. Doing so is a distraction that keeps us from the path we are supposed to forge, leaving this world a better place.

Do contact tracing on your thoughts. If you can trace them back to grace, love, and life, odds are pretty good it’s a thought that will bring more of the same and will keep you aligned with who God wants you to be.