One of the most powerful things we can do within the Body of Christ is to share the stories of what God is doing in our lives. Whether we’ve been in church for most of our lives or recently connected with Christ, it can be difficult to see an important truth that is right in front of us – God is active and showing up in our lives.

It’s tempting to believe that although God was obviously active in the days of scripture and God may occasionally do spectacular things in the lives of people who live in far off places or in extreme circumstances, God isn’t really up to much in our lives here in Peachtree City. One of the primary reasons we succumb to that temptation is that we do a poor job of telling the story when God shows up! 

So for the next four weeks we’re going to hear and explore 4 different stories of God showing up in unique ways within our own faith community. I can’t wait for you to hear stories of worship, family, calling and connection from members of PTCUMC! Ultimately, you might discover that God is up to something in your life too!