Directions Are Easy

Directions are easy when your destination is fixed.

You can choose the scenic route. The quickest route. The route that passes by a friend along the way. 

There may be multiple ways to get there but your choices lie in the process and not the destination.

There’s a saying, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”  That’s fairly solid. 

But what if we know the directions but not the destination? We know what we are called to do but we have no idea where it will take us. 

Do we have enough faith to take the first step knowing we are leaving behind a sense of certainty and jumping into the unknown?

What if our destination doesn’t exist yet? What if we are to build something new? Innovate? Be creative enough that there are no directions for what’s next?

Paths are illusions. Drawn by someone else that others take later. Direction takes aiming for what you value, what you love, and taking a step toward it. 

I don’t know the way I‘m going because I don’t believe it exists yet. There is no map, no GPS, only spiritual disciplines and the Holy Spirit to guide us. I’m aiming and training for a life that builds the Kingdom of God. And I’m laying the path as I go.