Every Show Has an End Song

5:15 AM is an excruciatingly early time to be working out. Yet it seems that with the stage of life I’m in right now, that’s the best time for me.

I’m typically a morning person but I really don’t like to talk much before 6:00 AM and a cup of coffee. But there’s one person in the cycle class I’ve been going to who is perfectly fine talking a lot and loudly. It’s been grating on my nerves.

Until today.

Today as the third song started she yelled out, “That’s an end song! You can’t do end songs this early!” The song? “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC. You can watch them sing it in concert here.

She’s right. Definitely an end song.

Every show has an end song. A song where the main character has had a life revelation. They sing their heart out and the entire cast joins in with a large dance number to bring everyone to their feet.

But what would happen if we started everything with an end song? Not just keeping the end in mind but actually started at the finale? Where would we go next?

Isn’t that what God did through Jesus? Aren’t our lives centered around starting with the resurrection? If not shouldn’t they be?

Chatty Cathy had a brilliant point. God did too.

Live like the resurrection people we are called to be. It will truly change the world.