“I’m looking for loopholes.”

W.C. Fields, comedian, reading the Bible on his deathbed

How many words does the average person speak per day? There have been dozens of studies attempting to answer that question. Results of those studies range from 6,000 to 16,000. The number of words we individually speak is dependent on our personality, our context, and several other factors. But a more important question is this: of the many words we speak, which ones truly matter? 

History and literature are littered with famous last words. Some are ironic. Some are humorous. Some are chilling. But all leave behind a sense of legacy. Perhaps that legacy was intended by the speaker. Perhaps we have attached meaning to them in retrospect. Perhaps both are true.

When someone we love is nearing their end, we pay particular attention to what they have to say. If we are able to know that we are running out of time, if our next words will be our last, what will we say?

This Sunday, we begin a new message series called “It is Finished”. We will look at the last words of Jesus recorded in the Gospels. These seven last sayings of Jesus have been the subject of entire books written in theological analysis. They have provided frameworks for musical composition. They have been the seeds of innumerable sermons. Nonetheless, Pastor Matt & I believe they have something yet to say to our faith community. I hope that you will join us on Sunday mornings February 18 – March 24, and on Good Friday, March 29, as we reflect on these famous last words as prologue to the best news ever.