One of the things I love about my job is the diversity of the groups offered here at PTCUMC. There’s a place for everyone (that means you, too!) Faithful, passionate leaders play a huge role in groups. It is leaders like Janet Goodwin who help others to grow in their faith, while creating opportunities for them to serve in our community. Janet Goodwin leads a couple of adult groups at our church, but one in particular that we would like to highlight today: Happy Stitchers. The Happy Stitchers have taking on the challenge to use their gifts in a way that take hope to our neighbors. Follow along to hear Janet share how the Happy Stitchers group is creating opportunities for you to pray for and to love your neighbors in times of need:

Crocheting is a hobby I picked up after retirement.  It’s something to do while watching television, riding in a car, or filling uncommitted time. Once I started crocheting, I made all kinds of things for friends, family, and myself, but I soon realized a person can only use a limited number of afghans, hats, or scarves. Was there a way I could continue to crochet and share the finished products with others? This led to starting a prayer shawl ministry at our church in Ohio. Our finished prayer shawls were displayed in the chapel and offered to anyone who wanted one or knew someone who might benefit from the warmth (literal and figurative) provided by wrapping up in a shawl.

When we moved to Georgia four years ago I wondered where I might find an outlet for my crochet projects when I overheard someone talking about the Happy Stitchers group. They invited me to join them, and the group has become a part of my weekly routine. We gather once a week to knit or crochet and socialize. Our finished projects are shared with our neighbors as far away as Red Bird Mission (lap blankets), and closer to home with Bashor Men’s Homeless Shelter (hats and scarves), residents of local nursing homes (blankets), premature & newborn babies (hats, stuffed octopi, blankets), people battling cancer (chemo hats and prayer shawls), and dementia patients (twiddle muffs and magic fidget balls). 

It’s always fun when we gather to see the projects our members have created, and it’s even more fun to learn about which of our neighbors have received some of our creations. We’d love to share some with you. Feel free to visit the prayer room, pray over the projects you find there, and take something from the For Our Neighbors bin for yourself or a neighbor who needs a little something special.     

-Janet Goodwin (Group Leader, Happy Stitchers)