As I continue getting to know PTCUMC, I have enjoyed sharing a cup of coffee or a meal with individuals and couples alike.  It has been so fun to hear what excites you about PTCUMC and especially how you are living out your faith in our community and beyond.  Occasionally, I spend time with people who’s passion for their ministry is overwhelming; they paint such a compelling picture of what God is up to that I have to go see it for myself.  I had the joy this week of experiencing one of those opportunities when one of our members invited me to serve at the Midwest Food Bank for a morning- what an incredible ministry and operation! I’m so grateful for the chance to see it in person.  As you can probably imagine (if you haven’t been yourself), the facility is incredible, the volunteers are top notch and the organization is beyond compare, especially when you consider just how much food they move through their facility.  Yet the most impressive and encouraging thing I saw was a follower of Jesus (and member of our church) who was absolutely in his element as he utilized the gifts God gave him and the passion for service that God put in his heart to meet a clear need in our community and beyond.  Sometimes we forget how powerful it is to simply follow Jesus in our own, unique way.  Serving at the food bank isn’t going to be everyone’s passion, but serving Jesus passionately will always encourage the Body of Christ to follow Jesus more closely and use our gifts for God’s kingdom.  I’m grateful today for the myriad of ways that our church is serving the Kingdom of God and our community!