Generosity Journey Hope-filled!

On November 24, a member of our Generosity team shared the good news of how God moved through the people of God during our October 2019, Generosity Journey. Across our October sermon series, we asked people to consider the following question, “what do you treasure most?” The response from our congregation was 215 families provided us with 2020 estimate of giving cards totaling $1,461,060. To God be the Glory! But wait, that’s not all!

As you may recall, there were four “yes/no” questions on the back of the small card you turned in – the one that DID NOT have your name on it. The answers to these “yes/no” questions were completely confidential. Some people did not see those “yes/no” questions; however, we find the answers we got from those who did see, and respond to them, very revealing.

Question 1: Is this a full Biblical Tithe (10%) for you?

We got 71 yes answers and 95 no answers. Let this be wonderfully encouraging for everyone on a multiyear journey to achieve full tithe. God honors every step of that journey! And 71 families/individuals in our church witness to the fact that it is attainable. You can do this!

Question 2: Was this more than last year?

We got 128 yes answers and 48 No answers. This is truly hope-filled! At least 128 families/individuals are planning an increase in their giving in 2020. That is exciting! Again, to God be the GLORY!

Question 3: Are you a first-time full tither?

Six families/individuals will know the joy of reaching the Biblical mark of giving 10% of their income to God for the first time in their lives this coming year. These may represent the final step of a multi-year journey or a dedication of self and leap of faith. Either way, we share a heavenly “WOO! HOO!” with you! Well done! You are encouraging witnesses to all that the full tithe is achievable and still the goal of families/individuals today. Well done good and faithful servants!

Question 4: Was this Journey Helpful?

We got 124 yes answers and 14 no answers. Again, remember, this card was anonymous. When you ask people to tell you what they think, they do. We are thankful that the majority of those who chose to respond to this question affirmed that October was a worthwhile part of their spiritual journey at PTCUMC.

Overall, we are excited with this response. We understand that doing something new is sometimes hard for everyone to receive in the spirit in which it was intended. The truth is we are a cautious people. But our hope is that these results encourage everyone to be fully engaged in the variety of ways we will intentionally encounter our Generosity Journey in the years to come. We are thankful for the level of participation we had during this first year. We are thankful for all of you (whether you responded with an EOG card or not.) You are a faithful people! May we all grow in grace together to be more and more like our Creator God. Remember, “for God so loved the world, He gave…”

Your 2019 Generosity Team
God’s JOY!