Meet Our Go Team


The purpose of the Global Outreach Team is to engage our congregation for ministry beyond our walls. We provide opportunities that allow multi-generational family involvement, direct connection with those in need, ongoing relationships with new friends in the mission field, and tangible help that changes daily lives for the better.  The GO TEAM meets monthly to: review and evaluate mission partners, discern allocation of financial resources, aid in developing long-term mission strategy for the church, act as liaisons between church champions and GO Team, and provide support to those designated as church champions.

What is a Champion?

The purpose of a Mission Champion is to connect our congregation to specific mission opportunities beyond our walls. They serve as an active volunteer and encourager of your mission partner and invite others in our congregation to do the same. Some functions of a Mission Champion are to: act as a bridge between mission partners and the GO Team, passionately support the mission partner's objectives, recruit and coordinate volunteers, stay in contact with the organization and communicate needs to the GO Team.


  • Bishop Judith Craig Children's Village: Sandy Whittle
  • Central Night Shelter: Jim Cameron & Karen Stephens
  • CCCG: Kenny & Natasha Blum
  • Father's Care: Tim Benjamin
  • Fayette Samaritans: Tom & Janet Goodwin
  • Midwest Food Bank: Jim Roy
  • Real Life Center: OPEN
  • Red Bird Mission: Dawn Brooks-Gallahan
  • Square Foot Ministry: OPEN
  • Wellroot: OPEN
  • Wesley Woods: OPEN

2023 GO TEAM

  • Jennifer Cooley
  • Rachel DellaTorre
  • Kelly Hunter
  • Jennifer Jones
  • Tom Staigle
  • Thad Tuck
  • Mike Vena