Happy “BEING MADE NEW” Year!

I am fascinated by the world’s obsession with the New Year. And this particular new year ushers in a new decade. Everyone feels new again! It’s as if those of us who are past our “younger years” just experienced that magical 20th birthday all over again leaving behind those pesky teen years that were full of so much change and so many steep learning curves. We all just turned 20 again – on top of the world – with all the unlimited possibilities of life in front of us!

I do understand the inherent joy of that “do-over” feeling. When we turn into a new year, I know part of the transition is saying goodbye to the old year. I get it. After all, I am a “glass is half full” person. Certainly, I anticipate the new year to be better than the old year. The hope of Christmas always propels me in that direction. We end the old year celebrating the birth of Christ. That reality sets my expectation for the year to come. It always will.

But here’s where I depart from the celebration of the world.

Have you noticed that the world’s joy seems to never last very long?

I saw this morning that January 17th has been designated “end of resolutions” day. It’s already on the calendar when our New Year resolutions typically end! IT’S ALREADY ON THE CALENDAR!

Let me lift up a new way – HIS way.

One of my favorite verses in Scripture comes from the resurrected Lord at the very end of the book. Jesus says, “See I am making all things new.”

I believe that truth. Yes, I too enjoyed a down day with family on January 1. Yes, I caught a little of the Rose Bowl Parade and some college football. Yes, I celebrated the new year and the new decade. But all that pales mightily in comparison to the joy I know through the life-changing power of the Spirit of Christ bringing about a NEW ME and a NEW YOU in a NEW CREATION!

“See I am making all things new.”

So I wish you all a very Happy “BEING MADE NEW” Year!