How Can I Help?

Many of you have asked how you can help. We have a way for you to serve during this time. While we are honoring the concept of social distancing (keeping 6 feet between us as much as is possible), it’s important that we find ways to stay connected to each other and to our community.

Phones can be a critical point of contact for all of us – whether it is through social media or just old-fashioned phone calls where you talk directly with another person to convey compassion, thoughts, and feelings. We are shifting many resources into a significant phone ministry. Would you like to help us by becoming a part of this old / new way to connect with people? If you would like to be part of our “Phone Call Community” please send an email to Barbara Henderson at or call 770-487-6499, x243.

If you would like to be a caller, let us know by sending us the names / households (up to twelve) that you would like in your calling community. The staff team will organize the lists to minimize overlap and maximize the number of people we touch by a caring voice.

Our staff will work to equip you in those calls – and we will be making those calls right alongside you. Help us remove the feeling of isolation some may be experiencing during this pandemic. And please note, this is not just us calling us. Feel free to include people on this call list who have no affiliation with our church. Let this be an outreach of our church in a time of need. We want to do this well. All we ask is that you verify with people that they want to be on our call list before you add their names.

We also want to continue to pray together, and even grow stronger in prayer. Please send prayer requests to Mary Fields at or call 770-487-6499 x222. Sensitive and confidential information will be held in confidence – simply include a comment for Mary as to how you would like your request to be handled: confidential or not. We will be digging deeper into prayer in this season and hope you will join us in the journey.

We can’t “gather together” in the traditional sense for the time being, but we can still connect with each other and share Christ’s love with our community and world. While we can’t be face to face, let’s be “voice to ear”, “knees to floor”, and heart to heart!