One of my favorite resurrection stories is about Thomas. Before you say it, let me correct you. He isn’t doubting Thomas; rather, he is absent Thomas. He just wasn’t there the first time the resurrected Jesus showed up and made himself known to the disciples. The good news in the story is “it’s ok” because Jesus came back and appeared to Thomas too at another encounter. Jesus gave him what he needed to believe just like he did the others.

How has the resurrected Jesus appeared to you? Pastor Shannon’s article last week got me thinking.

I found myself smiling a knowing smile.

One of the symbols the church has used for Jesus has been the butterfly. Think of that tradition of the Chrismon tree where we hang all the ancient symbols of Jesus on the tree at Christmas. It usually always includes a butterfly. I suspect it’s that whole “from a cocoon comes new life” symbolism that connects the butterfly to Jesus.

I have truly enjoyed worshipping outdoors. You just never know how God is going to show up when you are out in God’s creation. These last two weeks we have had a guest visitor. It’s one of those magnificent large yellowtail butterflies. I must admit that I have enjoyed (probably more than I should) watching Cory try to sing the right lyrics as that butterfly dances around him. And I truly enjoy the special smile on Heather’s face as she (like me) sees more than a butterfly dancing its way through our offering of worship music – flying loops around the band as they play to the joy of the risen Christ.

So, I know I will horribly regret this writeup next week if I am accosted by a butterfly during the sermon moment – but here’s my point. Sometimes we only look for Jesus in the big stuff of life. Perhaps we need to start looking for the resurrected Christ in the many – simple – little things of life too.

Some will say to me, “Pastor Mark, it’s just a butterfly.”

I say, “perhaps, but in that butterfly, I see a resurrected Jesus who stretched out his arms wide enough to hold the entire world – dancing for joy WITH US – thrilled that someone noticed what He did.”

Did you miss it? It’s ok.

It is in the very nature of the resurrected Christ to reappear in the simplest of ways – over and over – and remind all us forgetful people.