I’ve been singing Amazing Grace a lot lately in my personal worship time (this may explain a lot if you see me in my car in the morning on the way to work). We sang it at a funeral a few weeks ago and I can’t get it out of my head. I’m not complaining… I like it there. But it has struck me today that there is a power in “grace” that I hadn’t been aware of yet.

I often view “grace” as a love that is undeserved. It is a gift from God. It is the driving force of salvation that is undeserved.

But as I spoke to a group of women recently, something more was there. I reiterated that God loves you no matter what. I told them to always live a life for God because God’s love for us is an encouragement to keep going in trying times (my text was  1 Thess 3).

Then later, I was reading about the adventures of Joshua. The “be strong and courageous” portions have also encouraged me to get out there and “do something” for God. But the connection didn’t click until today.

God’s Grace is not just about loving us in spite of our mistakes and sin. God’s Grace is also about loving us so that we have the freedom to live a life for God without worrying about looking like an idiot. In other words, we can be strong and courageous because God’s Grace will be with us whether we win or lose. Grace is the fuel for us to live as believers.

So go for the win knowing that your faith is a win for God. The God who wins it all in the end because of His abundant love for us.

Until Everyone Hears,