Imagine a world where kindness is the norm. Where we truly loved our neighbor.  A world where love is the default.

Imagine a movement that is not so much about a place or a program, but about people and a purpose.

Imagine a movement where faith was not dictated by a calendar or a clock.

Imagine a movement where people engaged in fun acts of kindness that also renewed their hearts and minds.

This is what happens when we engage in #HolyMischief. It is the mysterious disruption of God’s love in action. This disruption leaves us curious about how to experience more of the excitement that happens when God shows up and makes ordinary moments extraordinary.

Our challenge has started and hundreds of people across our state (and a few across the country) have begun to make this world a better place. Let’s make this more than a challenge.

Let’s make it a movement.

P.S. – It’s never too late for #HolyMischief! Sign up here and join the Facebook group.