Leap Towards God

Matthew 6:21 NRSV

21For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also

I want to thank everyone who experienced this year’s stewardship journey from October 3rd thru October 17th. If you missed one or all of those messages, I encourage you to seek out our website. You can encounter them there.

Why talk about money? I stand on three foundational beliefs in how I answer that very common question. First, if you think we’re talking about money, you’ve missed the life-giving point. We spent three weeks talking about our spirituality as expressed in this world through our relationship with Jesus Christ. We did not spend three weeks talking about money. If you think we did, please go back and encounter those messages again.

Second, have you recently asked yourself, “what lords over me?” Spend some time with your thoughts and ponder that question in prayer. God knows me too well. I lived life once under the false assumption that the more money I made, the better my life would be for me and my family. The problem with that approach is my identity – my sense of self worth – becomes too closely connected to my earnings. I begin letting a “concept” Lord over me instead of my Christ.

Third, what do you do with all that you have once you say, “I believe?” You’ve heard that one from me in years past. But it stands the test of eternity for me. I am a citizen of heaven who finds himself living “for a while” in a materialistic world. One way I have found to rise above this world in this life is by giving myself to something much bigger than me. In the words of Randy Alcorn, that approach “dethrones me and exults Him.”

After all, that’s the point – right?

There are no cards, no timetable, and no treasure chests.

All we have is an invitation to come “leap for joy” with us.

“Now” is the time to leap towards God and experience God’s Joy!

You are blessed and called to be a blessing to others.