Making the Magic Happen

I saw this picture recently. It reminded me of the wonder and magic I experienced as a child using one of these. I always was in awe when we lifted up the parachute and sat under it for a few seconds. It was like being transported to Narnia or Hogwarts or Oz. It was a new space that opened up right before our eyes.

Of course, no real magic happened. It was merely a rainbow parachute used in P.E. But in my mind, it was an escape. A shelter from the real world.

I long to escape the real world. To go through the rabbit hole or the wardrobe and venture into a magical world where the problems aren’t mine and will be resolved by the end of the book. While I know these places don’t exist, I believe we can create moments of magic that allow us to live in wonder and awe. Moments where we see the true love of God expressed in all of its beauty. Moments of joy and connection where the deep, deep longings of our hearts manifest before our eyes.

While I know I can have moments like this on my own, there is more awe and wonder when we work together to make them happen. After all, you can’t sit alone in the bubble of the parachute. It takes others to make the magic happen.

Thank you for all you do in making memorable moments that change the world. Each moment has given me hope for the next one and a chance to see a glimpse of what heaven is like.