Mothers Day 2020

I need your help: 10 minutes in the next 48 hours. Not interested? Thanks for reading this far! See you next time.

Confession: this is a late request, and I know that. My apologies! I’ve been rolling this around in my head for a couple of weeks, and with everything else rolling around in there, it’s been a bit like chasing a ping pong ball in a clothes dryer.

Here’s the deal: I need your help, in a quick and easy way, to come up with something extra special for our Mothers Day worship service. We can’t be together, but we can still celebrate God’s gift of the significant women in our lives.

What I need: a SUPER SHORT video shot on your phone or tablet, with your son(s) and/or daughter(s) of any age completing ONE of these phrases:

“Thank you mom for ____________.”


“I love my mom because ___________.”

(Seriously – sons & daughters of all ages are wanted. If YOU want to shoot a video to celebrate YOUR mom, that’s great!)

How much time will this take: 10 minutes tops. Nobody has to be dressed in their Sunday finest. (Have you been on a Zoom call lately?)

When do I need this: no later than 2 PM Saturday. After that, I can’t accept any more. It’s gonna be tight as is (see above: that’s my fault.)

How you can deliver: if the file isn’t too big, email to Otherwise, use iCloud, DropBox, or Google Drive. (NOTE: with Google Drive, PLEASE create a shareable link rather than trying to give me permission to see the file. File permissions will slow this way down – we will wind up going round and round.)

Some important tips:

  • Video one person at a time. Group shots make it hard to hear.
  • Shoot sideways, in landscape mode… not in vertical mode. (Turn the phone 90 degrees from how you normally hold it.)
  • Shoot in a quiet place with plenty of light. Light on their face should be brighter than the light behind them.
  • Get close so the sound is clear: head and shoulders are enough.
  • Try to have a couple of seconds in the beginning, before they speak, and at the end, after they speak.
  • Try to keep this a secret!