Luke 4:43 NRSV | Jesus says, “I must proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God to the other cities also; for I was sent for this purpose.”

Early in Jesus’ ministry, Peter led the group to his home in Capernaum on the north side of the Sea of Galilee. Jesus was healing everyone that he touched – including Peter’s Mother-in-Law. The day ends with Jesus withdrawing from his followers to pray. The next morning, villagers were lined up at Peter’s door to be healed but Jesus was no where to be found. A search party went looking for Jesus. When they found him, He told them they would not be staying. It was time to take this ministry on the road!

We put a huge amount of effort into developing our produced online worship experience during the pandemic. That effort was to meet an immediate need AND ALSO align with a longer-term strategy.

The immediate need was to give our church a way to safely gather together online during the Covid pandemic. But the longer-term strategy was to build an online community that reaches beyond our physical church campus.

We are turning the corner between our immediate need and our longer-term strategy. Thankfully, Covid has receded to the point that we’re back in the physical building. While our online worship presence will continue, it’s purpose will now include reaching, gathering, and connecting a community of online worshippers who we might otherwise never touch.

Of course, it will always serve the purpose of connecting our “in building” gathered community when you cannot (for many reasons) be in worship. But we will be increasing our efforts to refine this live online experience for the Holy Spirit to use to gather people “in other cities” to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

We ask for your prayers that God use this wonderful platform to reach people. The flow will differ a little from on-campus gathered worship. The message may also be shaped a little differently (not in content but in presentation and invitation) to reach and develop an online community extension of Peachtree United Methodist Church. Think of this as another church campus – just without a physical building.

Jesus could have stayed on the north side of the lake. I’m glad He didn’t. We aren’t staying put either. Technology is allowing us to branch out in new ways to reach new people.

Please guide people you know (here and in other cities) to our 10:15AM interactive online service on Facebook. We staff that service with a pastor and others who engage those who come. We know of “entire” families separated by great distance who are able to worship “together” through our online campus. This is another evangelism tool for you to use as you invite others to come hear about Jesus.  To God be the Glory!

God’s Joy,