Pray. Serve. Gather. | For Our Neighbors

Loving our neighbor is not optional, it is literally God’s command to us. (Matthew 22:39) So how do we do this? 

During this Lenten season, we must show the same love and grace God has given to us all. We must pray for our neighbors, we must serve our neighbors, and we must gather with our neighbors. 

Step 1: Pray for our neighbors:

We must be intentional with our prayer time. During this Lenten season, dedicate time each day to pray for your neighbor by name. Lift their name to God and ask Him to show you how you can build a better relationship with them. In this time of prayer, take the time to listen and open your heart to be able to take the next step. While this sometimes can push us outside of our comfort zone, pray that God gives you the strength to do the next thing.

Step 2: Serve your Neighbor:

As you pray for your neighbor in the coming weeks, listen and look for ways to serve them. This can be as simple as baking cookies for them or pulling their trash cans up. Don’t discredit the value of small acts of kindness. These little actions help build the relationship and are crucial in learning how to love our neighbors. 

Step 3: Gather with your Neighbors:

This is probably one of the scariest moments in this journey. The fear of inviting and being rejected. Do not let this stop you from doing God’s work. Invite your neighbors over for dinner, or go out to dinner together. Host a game night or fire pit night. Take the time to invite your neighbors into your world. By doing this, we show our neighbors we see them and care for them. While this won’t happen instantly for all, don’t be discouraged. Continue to build that relationship and eventually the yes to your invitation will come. 

One final note: you are not meant to do this alone. Lean into your church family. We are praying for you and cheering you on. Please reach out if you need any assistance or resources. We are here for you as you take this next journey to be “For Our Neighbors.”