I can’t describe how deeply I was affected by our Easter Services last week!  I continue to be grateful for our volunteers who stepped up in such a big way, and our staff’s commitment and dedication to our church was on full display across the board.  The spirit in our community was so joyful and it was an honor to be part of such a profound time of praising our Savior! Thank you for welcoming our neighbors and worshipping passionately! Christ is Risen!

I’m no less excited to continue the conversation this Sunday!  I alluded to it last week, but Easter is too big to be contained to a single day.  Thus the Church acknowledged long ago that Easter is a season of celebration. That means it will still be Easter when we see each other again this Sunday, so it’s all the more appropriate for us to bookend a conversation that we began when Lent started 7 weeks ago.  We talked, thought and prayed throughout Lent about how we would answer this question: If Easter is true, what does it mean for our neighbors?  We challenged you week-in and week-out to Pray, Serve and Gather with your neighbors, and now it’s time to share a few stories about how you answered that seminal question.  I hope you can join us again this Sunday to celebrate the movement God is beginning throughout our church community and beyond!  I know that these stories will be as encouraging and challenging to you as they are to me!