Faith doesn’t happen because the church building is open on Sunday morning or because the stream is running. Faith happens when people have a transformational encounter with God, gather to praise God, and live out their faith in the world. While that is happening on Sunday morning, it is also happening in new ways throughout the globe every day of the week. 

It’s time to empower believers of all ages and stages of life to find where God is working around them and be the hands and feet of Jesus where they are. You may not know exactly what that looks like. If you’ve ever wondered what God is calling you to do next, these seven strategies are for you.

Seven Ways to Discern Where to Serve and Go were God is working:

  1. Re-vision our time: Name that we have been slaves to our schedules and re-imagine the way that we spend our time to align with the things we say we value.
  2. Refine relationships: Recognize that we don’t know our neighbors and family members as well as we should and build our relationships to be healthy and life affirming.
  3. Be healed: Find ways to nurture our holistic health by disciplines that feed our body, mind, and spirit. We need to address our mental health. Our high anxiety and depression rates. The root of the word “salvation” is a form of the word healing. A cure. A rescue. We need to remember that and seek healing for our whole self and others.
  4. Don’t just study Christianity. Practice Christianity.
  5. Love. Abundantly. Find ways to love others that are radical, disruptive, and meaningful.
  6. Connect with God in deep and profound ways through ancient practices of prayer that have stood the test of time.
  7. Re-imagine community: A community of believers that is about people with a purpose and not about a building and programs. As well as a community of believers and non-believers living, working, and learning together… where the believers have the confidence of the Holy Spirit to share their story in life giving ways.

I pray you can fight through the noise of the information, practice spiritual disciplines so that faith is sustainable, and be the person God calls you to be. If you ever need help discerning what that is, your church is here for you.