Dear PTCUMC family,
We’re nearing the end of “The Space Between,” which is the series we’ve been working our way through for the last four weeks.  I hope it has been a helpful tool for you, particularly if you are new to scripture or have struggled like so many to grasp the overarching narrative that unfolds in the Bible.  

You might be surprised by how many people- including those who have been in the church for decades- struggle to connect with Scripture.  We’re not born with the innate ability to read the Bible; it’s a learned skill and something that takes a little time and perseverance.  My hope is that understanding the progression of God’s rescue plan from Eden through Noah, Abraham, Moses and David will prove a helpful framework for diving into the Bible.  

Remember that this is not ultimately about learning bible trivia or accumulating more biblical knowledge just for the sake of knowing more.  Rather, our encounter with the Living Word (we call it that because we believe that the Holy Spirit meets us through the words of scripture and speaks directly to us) should always produce growth that changes how we live on a daily basis.  As we recover our memory of God’s saving work throughout history, we’re reclaiming our identity as the people of God who are commissioned to transform the world around us in the name of Jesus.

If you’re looking for a place to dive in, I want to encourage you to start with the following passages. I believe these will help you review some of what we’ve explored throughout the series, but at a slower pace and at a deeper level of engagement.

Genesis 1-15
Exodus 1-20
1 Samuel 1-20
2 Samuel 5-9

I know that seems like a lot of reading – don’t try to do it all in one week!  Take your time and enjoy the ride, reading small portions in a sitting so as not to overwhelm your ability to notice what God is up to in these stories.  As you read, ask these three questions of each story:
1) What does this passage teach me about God?
2) What does this passage teach me about humanity in general or myself specifically?
3) What does this passage teach me about how God is calling us to live?

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of the questions we could ask of scripture, it’s a wonderful starting point that will help you begin unlocking some of the depth contained in the Bible!