Famous Last Words

Every Sunday of the year in Christian worship is a celebration of Easter, and you could certainly argue that every day in the life of a Christian is a celebration of Easter, but the 7th Sunday of Easter, May 29th this year, is the last Sunday of the Easter season, which culminates in Pentecost.

Some of the things that Jesus had to say during his ministry are simple to understand, but hard to do. Like when Jesus said to pray for your enemies. Or when he said that if someone steals your coat, give them your shirt, too. Or if someone makes you carry their stuff for a mile, go ahead and volunteer to carry it for two miles. Or if someone hits you on the side of the face, give them a chance to hit the other side, too. Simple to understand, hard to do.

But some of the things Jesus said are not simple to understand. Some of his words… they’re real head-scratchers.

Join Pastor Sean as he helps us dig into some of Jesus' last words that might be simple, but are not easy.