Service of Word and Table

Luke 13:29

Then people will come from east and west, from north and south
and will eat in the kingdom of God.

This passage comes out of a portion of Luke that begins with a person asking Jesus this question while He is on his way to Jerusalem, “Lord, will only a few be saved?” It’s a question that sounds like a dissonant note in an otherwise brilliant musical performance. It doesn’t seem to fit. It causes us to wince. It gets our attention. We pause and we reflect. Especially when we hear Jesus’ answer.

On March 2nd, we will begin our Lenten season of “pause and reflection” during our Ash Wednesday services (online at noon and in the Traditional Worship Center beginning at 6:30 pm.) We are doing “something different” for the in-building service. It will be a Service of Word and Table(s). Let me explain.

We will begin by returning to our faith roots here at Peachtree City UMC. We will resurrect those precious memories of shared spaghetti dinners where people of faith who dreamed of creating a United Methodist Church in Peachtree City met together in an elementary school – gathered around tables – sharing those life giving spaghetti dinners. They dreamed a bold dream.

Their dream back then is being realized in us today! Their steadfast love of God and love of each other still bears fruit in all of us today. So you (and our entire community – so feel free to bring a friend not of the church) are invited to come gather together on Wednesday, March 2nd, for an evening of physical and spiritual nourishment as we realize their dream together.

The spaghetti dinner will be free – and totally provided. Bring nothing but yourselves and a spirit of contrition. The tables will be set up in the traditional worship center. We will begin eating at 6:30 pm. Come from the East and West, and North and South.

At 7 pm, we will transition from the meal to the Ash Wednesday service in that same space which will include prayers, music, Scripture, homily (that’s a code word for a very brief sermon), Holy Communion, and the imposition of ash. This year’s confirmands will help guide worship and be present to serve you Holy Communion.

This Year’s Lenten theme focuses on the way to salvation. Come enjoy an evening of table fellowship. Come help realize the dream of our founders. Come affirm our confirmands. Come be filled with the Holy Spirit as we launch into our Lenten journey together. Childcare (for babies through pre-k) is provided for this event.

Are you ready to start “a new season” of life?

Then come hungry.