Scouting helps develop and promote core values and life skills in young people that will help them navigate life and become leaders in the communities they live and serve. There has been a formal relationship between the UMC and scouting in various forms for over 100 years. The United Methodist Men originally connected through BSA at it’s inception and now that relationship has broadened to support of all scouting – both Boys and Girls. The overarching goal is to make good citizens – and the specific crossover between our respective missions is the part of Scouting that calls for a reverence to God.

Historically UMM and UMW have been connective groups to Scouting. Given that Boy Scouts existed much earlier than Girl Scouts, the bridge is often the UMM to Boy Scouts. That was the case in the history of PTC UMC.

February 2020 marked the 100th anniversary since scouting officially formed a relationship with the Methodist Episcopal Church (the precursor church to the current day UMC). In the past century, United Methodist congregations have provided home base for more Scouts than any other denomination in America. Today, 3,111 United Methodist churches charter 9,611 Scout units serving 309,739 youth.