We’ve Been Waiting. Now What?

We’ve just finished Advent – a time to prepare the way for Jesus. To be spiritually ready for his birth and for him to come again. Now Christmas is finally here and with it comes that moment of awe and wonder that fills us with peace despite living in a world that often lacks it.

But once we’ve celebrated that Jesus is here, what’s next? 

The shepherds, angels, and holy family all celebrated Jesus’ arrival but it would be 30 years before Jesus started his ministry.

This type of waiting is different. Instead of waiting for a big event we are waiting in between big events. It’s what’s called liminal space. We know a change has happened in the world but we don’t really know what that change is yet.

This liminal space reflects where we are in the world right now. We’re closing out 2020 having experienced a very big change in the world. There’s a lot riding on our hopes and expectations for 2021 but we really don’t know what that will look like yet. 

So we keep waiting. But this time the waiting is filled with good tidings and great joy. This time is necessary for transformation to happen. This time is holy. This is Christmas. God is with us. And we wait with Him for what’s next.