What Do You Treasure Most? (Part 3)

It’s been said that our faith can be characterized as a battle of wills – our self-will versus God’s Will. Personally, I prefer growth language to battle language. My understanding of my faith is “growing in grace.” I have accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior but I know that I am not yet fully formed in the image of Christ as my God wishes to express through my very unique life. I am still “growing in grace” through the movement of the Holy Spirit molding me.

I feel that reality every time I preach about finances. This may come as a shock to many of you, but the words of a sermon penetrate my heart too; especially when I am the one delivering the sermon!

My prayer is that this October sermon series, “What Do You Treasure Most?” has been helpful for you as we grow in grace together. We talked this last Sunday about sacrifice as expressed through the widow’s two coin offering in Luke 21. What does sacrificial giving look like for you? Only you can answer that very personal question. For me, the choice in my life comes down to asking myself this question, “Do I insist on living 100% on ‘my resources’ or do I trust living on 90% of God’s resources?” Some may refer to that as a battle of wills but for me and my family, it has been more of a “growing in grace” journey – a Generosity Journey.

No matter where you are in this journey, know that you are a beloved child of God. If you have never given financially to the church, perhaps this is the year you begin that journey! Perhaps this is the year you take another step in the multi-year process that moves you toward the Biblical Tithe (10%.) Perhaps this is the year you achieve that level for the first time in your life! Perhaps this is the year you direct resources intentionally beyond the Tithe for God’s Kingdom work. Regardless where in this multi-year journey you may be, celebrate God moving through your life and open yourself up to the next step.

My personal experience has been that you will feel God’s joy in EVERY STEP of your personal Generosity Journey. May God’s JOY be yours as we all become Christ together.