What Do You Treasure Most?

Jake and Mark

When my son was little, he and I would often wrestle together on the living room carpet. He can take me with ease these days, but when he was five years old, I had the clear upper hand. I would make a fun game out of it by pretending to get tired and worn down. He would get excited as he flipped me onto my back and began the necessary count…1!..2!… In that instant, I would always get a miraculous burst of energy, flip my son onto his back, and count 1!…2!…3!…VICTORY!  We called it “the reversal” move.

Sometimes life does the same thing to us. Just when you think you’ve finally won; you get flipped onto your back and the count begins. I think this is particularly true with our finances. We think we are in control. We work hard. We earn. We save. And then life happens, and it often feels as if we are flipped and pinned again. Is there “something more” to winning with our money?

One of my favorite Scriptures is John 3:16. Most of us know how that one goes, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son…” I have noticed over the years that we love the part about Jesus so much that we forget about the first part, “For God so loved the world, he gave…”

Those words reflect the generosity of God. Generosity is part of God’s character. And since we are made in the image of God, it follows that generosity should be part of our character too. That’s why I am so excited to lead our church into our first Generosity Journey through the month of October. I hope you come with us. Our theme comes in the form of the life-giving question, “What Do You Treasure Most?”

Are you tired of hearing the world say to you, “1!…2!…3!…pinned ya again!” I believe our faith offers us the freedom to get on top of our finances instead of feeling as if our finances are on top of us.

Join us in October as we reflect on the Generosity of God by diving deeper into the faith-forming question, “What Do You Treasure Most?” By the way, what was it that our God gave in John 3:16? I think it was what God treasured most.

I hope to see everyone in October!