The coolest thing about God is that He can reveal himself however He wants to whomever He wants. Because of that, we end up with many different versions of how God can interact with people’s lives. It’s one of the reasons that there are four depictions of Jesus’ life in the Bible. Each author was trying to reveal something different to the readers, and the best part, ALL OF THEM WERE RIGHT.

It’s not until we start putting all of our stories of faith together that we can begin to see the many different aspects and facets of God come together. The more time that we can spend as a community of believers, the more we can hear about how vast and unending God’s influence is. The more people you have together the more perspectives you get, and the more perspectives you get the bigger our picture of God becomes.

This Sunday in the 11:00 worship service we will be confirming 9 students as they take ownership of their faith. I encourage you to pray for them and support them. But most of all, I ask you to include them into our community. It’s a great and meaningful way to get a fresh perspective on the love that God has for us. In return, they’ll also be able to see the aspects of God that you share.