Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

You’ve seen or heard the phrase: “Past performance is not indicative of future results.” It’s required legalese for all investment marketing materials. Like most boilerplates, it exists to eliminate our excuses when things go sideways.

The phrase is necessary because we have to make assumptions about the future. When we make an investment, take a job, get married, have a child, buy a house, get a degree, etc… we are making assumptions about how those actions are going to play out. We can’t move forward in life without making such assumptions.

History tells us only what is possible. But we look to history for probability. When we are happy today, we have a tendency to assume we will be happy tomorrow, too. When we’re in pain, we assume the future holds more pain. We get it honestly. One year ago, we wished away 2020 and looked forward with great expectations to 2021. It turned out that 2021 was pretty rough, too. History reminds us what may happen in the future.

Truthfully, none of us knows what tomorrow will bring. We can only make assumptions. We can only believe with hope or with dread. But here is good news:

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8 NIV

No matter what tomorrow brings, we have a Savior who is always faithful. Whether we know joy or grief, we do not walk alone. In contrast to the disclaimers about investments, God’s past results (i.e. faithfulness) are indeed indicative of future performance.

So let us look forward with hope to a new year, knowing that Emmanuel is with us still. May your 2022 be blessed with peace, wisdom, love, and joy.